Winton Higgins’ week in Wellington

Visiting Wellington from Sydney at the end of April 2017, Winton Higgins has a busy week ahead of him.

◼︎ Weds 26th • 12:00–12:45 • Rule of Law

Winton starts his week in conversation with retired judge, ombudsman and former Governor-General, Sir Anand Satyanand, around his new novel, Rule of Law, at Unity Books in Willis Street. In this novel, Winton Higgins creatively accounts for the drama of the first Nuremberg trial of 1945–6 where the atrocities of the Third Reich were uncovered for a worldwide audience for the first time. Concepts we take for granted now – crimes against humanity, a word court, an international criminal justice system – were born and nurtured in Nuremberg. More on this here.

◼︎ Weds 26th • 19:15–21:15 • Certitudes and how to move beyond them

A certitude is the absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case. So what happens when we let go of certainty and respond skilfully to the context in which we live? At the One Mindful Breath weekly meditation session at the Friends’ Centre, 7 Moncrieff, St in Mt Victoria, Wellington, Winton will offer some thoughts on a thoughtful, open-minded, open-hearted approach to insight meditation. More on this here.

◼︎ Thu 27 • 12:30–14:00 • The Politics of Decency

The tide of xenophobia, misogyny, prejudice and callousness towards ‘the Other’ is rising. If this is the politics of indecency, how do we create a sea wall that will turn it back? In this talk at St Andrews on The Terrace, Winton will speak on how we respond forcefully with a politics of decency, posting questions such as what sort of communities and civil society do we want to build, and how can we flourish as humans, living in harmony with each other and with nature?
This meeting has been jointly organised by One Mindful Breath, Wellington’s secular dharma practice community, and the St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society.

◼︎  Sat 29 • 09:00–17:00 • Meditation, and being a global citizen: dharma practice and solidarity in a troubling time

A secular Buddhist workshop organised by One Mindful Breath at the Home of Compassion, 2 Rhine St, Island Bay, Wellington

Simple forms of Buddhist meditation practice started to be developed in the west four decades ago. Here was a discipline we could supposedly practice while playing down the ethics that had been part of the practice, and which allowed us to step back from our worldly existence and social responsibilities.

In the original vision, though, the aim of dharma practice was self-transformation into an integrated ‘true’ person who is fully human and, like everyone else, embedded in a social world.

In this one day workshop, we will explore what we need to do to retrieve a wider, ethical vision of dharma practice in the face of today’s social, political and environmental challenges. 

To learn more about Winton Higgins and to book a place on this workshop go to or phone/text Alex on 021 921 821.

◼︎ If you would like a one-to-one conversation with Winton about your practice, phone Ramsey on 021 97 3531 or send an email.

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