Talks from a recent retreat

Helping you to put the notion of a secular dharma into practice, here are some talks given at a retreat led by Martine and Stephen Batchelor at Gaia House, Devon between 18 and 24 July 2015.

1 – Instructions: Appreciative, altruistic joy 25:00 • Martine • listen or download

2 – An ethical life 59:33 • Stephen • listen or download

3 – Instructions: Fully embrace life 30:05 • Stephen • listen or download

4 – Grasping, contact, feeling tone 53:06 • Martine • listen or download
Exploring the importance of mindfulness of feeling tones in connection with grasping and creatively engaging with contact through the senses

5 – Instructions: Listening meditation 30:18 • Martine • listen or download
Being aware of feeling tones when in contact with the music of life

6 – The elephant’s footprint 64:52 • Stephen • listen or download

7 – Instructions: Letting go of reactivity 31:56 • Stephen • listen or download

8 – Attention and perception 51:27 • Martine • listen or download
An exploration of concentration and anchoring, and also of perception and how we perceive, with a link to experiential enquiry

9 – Instructions: What is this? questioning 34:08 • Martine • listen or download
The way of Korean Son and its connection with Vipassana

10 – Entering the stream 65:17 • Stephen • listen or download

11 – Instructions: behold the ceasing 34:23 • Stephen • listen or download

12 – Compassion and intention 53:51 • Martine • listen or download
The connection between experiential enquiry and compassion, how to develop and manifest a compassionate wise intention in daily life

Download or stream all the audio files from this retreat from

Martine and Stephen Batchelor offer their teaching freely in line with the 2,400 year practice of this tradition. You are warmly invited to make a voluntary contribution to their livelihood through their website here.


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