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The ten undeclared topics

Known as the ten undeclared topics, these are the statements that Gotama, the Buddha, refused to give a view on.

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Secular Buddhism and the the politics of decency

Is this talk – for you – a good expression of a contemporary secular Buddhist approach to political and social issues?

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Introduction to Buddhism evening in Invercargill

You are invited to take part an introduction to Buddhism evening down here in the deep south. 🙂 This will be a relaxed and informal evening and is intended to provide some basic information about Buddhism, meditation, Buddhist ethics, and how to live a life of kindness and generosity. This is not going to be […]

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A secular approach to insight meditation

This evening’s topic brings together a relatively recent current in the dharma world – secular dharma, aka ‘secular Buddhism’ – with the much older practice of insight meditation. Let’s first up get clear what each of these terms means before exploring their relationship.

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Community is something you create

A community is a network or a set of friendships and relationships that serve the individuation of each member of the community. I don’t see a conflict in realising one’s potential as an individual and belonging to and being an active participant within a community.

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Ruby Wax on loving your ego

I’d like to recommend this hilarious talk by Ruby Wax that was given in London’s Conway Hall as part of the Sunday Sermon Series organised by The School of Life.

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A couple of years ago I thought that Stephen Batchelor had said what he had to say

A couple of years ago I thought that Stephen Batchelor had said what he had to say; he’d loosely but effectively articulated a secular Buddhism and now seemed to be just repeating himself. I was wrong.

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Wellington talk

Buddhism in four settler-colonial societies, and its global cultural flows

A talk by Dr. Sally McAra

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Being completely human

A new video by Stephen Batchelor is now available on the videos page of this website and on our youtube channel.

Being Completely Human – Buddhist Practice in a Post-Christian World was the subject of a talk given by Stephen Batchelor on 27 February 2012.

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In praise of the secular

Contrary to mid-twentieth century expectations, we are experiencing a global resurgence in religiosity. Religion has re-emerged as a political force in nearly every region and major world religion. Most of this religious revitalisation has taken place among fundamentalist movements, often in response to the inequalities and social destabilization of globalisation. It is particularly strong in the global south but is also seen in the culture wars within western democracies.

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