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Entering the tiger’s cave

On Saturday 16 Feb 2019, Winton Higgins will be in New Zealand leading a one-day secular Buddhist workshop titled ‘Entering the tiger’s cave – insight meditation and the inner life’.

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A study retreat in your own home

Here’s a suggestion – dedicate a couple of weekends to a study retreat in the comfort of your own home, practicing meditation and going in depth into a secular approach to Buddhism.

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Insight dialogue

A mindfulness meditation practice “off the cushion” which guides us when we’re in the midst of stressful situations and interactions in our daily lives, at work and with family and friends, insight dialogue is a methodical approach to listening and speaking that allows us to experience the wisdom of awareness.

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Martine and Stephen Batchelor to teach in Australia

During February and March 2014, world-renowned Buddhist scholars, authors and teachers Martine and Stephen Batchelor will give talks, retreats and workshops in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Northern New South Wales, Brisbane and Cairns.

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My 6 days at a vipassana retreat

Yep folks, I lasted 6 days out of the 10 day retreat. The longest 6 days of my life. I had looked forward to this retreat with a mixture of excitement and trepidation since I booked it, 3 months ago. I knew it would be hard work, but that was ok if I were to get some of the results I’d read people get, from a 10 day Vipassana retreat.

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Insight dialogue retreat

I am intending to organise a seven day insight dialogue meditation retreat in New Zealand on 22 February 2014 at Te Moata on the Coromandel peninsula. At the moment, I am wanting expressions of interest so I can get an idea of numbers.

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Another Winton weekend workshop

This time it’s in Sydney and organised by Sydney Insight Meditators. Taking place on the weekend of 22 and 23 June, it will be at the Well-Aware-Ness Centre at 14 Ridge Street, North Sydney.

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Sayadaw U tejaniya

Burmese meditation teacher Sayadaw U tejaniya is coming to New Zealand in November. He’ll be at Te Moata rettreat Centre on the Coromandel Penninsular for a 10 day retreat.

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A new style retreat

Here’s an idea for a new, self supporting retreat model at Te Moata. I’ve been talking with some friends about a new type of leaderless retreat that would support everyday-life practice. I’d like to know if this would interest others.

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