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Lloyd Geering interviewed by Ted Meissner

Ted Meissner recently interviewed New Zealander and Sea of Faith member Professor Lloyd Geering for his Secular Buddhist podcast.

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Lloyd Geering meets the Dalai Lama

In June this year, the Dalai Lama visited Aotearoa New Zealand. Face Television took him to Otago University, where he recorded an extended interview with Lloyd Geering. A meeting of minds, it was engaging and provocative as the two men have a lot in common.

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A rather special afternoon tea

An interesting conversation took place between Lloyd Geering and Ken McLeod over afternoon tea here yesterday. Around the table, there were two teachers with coming up to 90 years’ experience of teaching.

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Being completely human

A new video by Stephen Batchelor is now available on the videos page of this website and on our youtube channel.

Being Completely Human – Buddhist Practice in a Post-Christian World was the subject of a talk given by Stephen Batchelor on 27 February 2012.

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In praise of the secular

Contrary to mid-twentieth century expectations, we are experiencing a global resurgence in religiosity. Religion has re-emerged as a political force in nearly every region and major world religion. Most of this religious revitalisation has taken place among fundamentalist movements, often in response to the inequalities and social destabilization of globalisation. It is particularly strong in the global south but is also seen in the culture wars within western democracies.

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