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The [German] sources of secular Buddhism

So did you believe that secular Buddhism originated in the USA, or perhaps in the southwest of France where Stephen Batchelor writes his books? Winton Higgins, in a brand new article, proposes some German roots of secular Buddhism. Accepted for publication in the journal Buddhismus aktuell, immediately before publication date major changes were requested which couldn’t be made in time.

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Coming out as a secular Buddhist

I am a secular Buddhist. It has taken me years to fully ‘come out,’ and I still feel a nagging tug of insecurity, a faint aura of betrayal in declaring myself in these terms. As a secular Buddhist my practice is concerned with responding as sincerely and urgently as possible to the suffering of life in this world, in this century (our saeculum) where we find ourselves now and future generations will find themselves later. Rather than attaining a final nirvana, I see the aim of Buddhist practice to be the moment-to-moment flourishing of human life within the ethical framework of the eightfold path here on earth.

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Don Cupitt Stephen Batchelor dialogue

Londoners have something to look forward to. In fact we all have something to look forward to – London Insight will be making a recording of the dialogue between radical Christian theologian Don Cupitt and Stephen Batchelor on ‘The Future of Religion’ that’s taking place in London on May 20. What’s more, it’s going to […]

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