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Buddhism in a nutshell

I’m supposed to take a risk and say in 25 words or less what Buddhism is. That of course is a very arrogant presumption on one level. But what I have concluded tentatively in recent years is to identify four points that the Buddha taught that cannot be derived from the socio-historical context of his time, in other words that are distinctively and non-controversially his own ideas.

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Insight dialogue

A mindfulness meditation practice “off the cushion” which guides us when we’re in the midst of stressful situations and interactions in our daily lives, at work and with family and friends, insight dialogue is a methodical approach to listening and speaking that allows us to experience the wisdom of awareness.

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‘Life is short,’ declare the wise

Rachel Kohn interviewed secular Buddhist teacher Stephen Batchelor on her Radio National programme The Spirit of Things during his recent visit to Sydney.

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Uncertain Minds: How the West Misunderstands Buddhism

This video is well worth watching again and again for those interested in grasping a bit more of both “Buddhism” (a misnomer as Stephen Batchelor points out) and “Secular Buddhism” (the latter is actually perfectly possible and does seem to get back to the roots of authentic “Buddhism”).

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NZ Buddhist Council

Secular Buddhism Aotearoa New Zealand has been accepted into membership of the New Zealand Buddhist Council, an incorporated society which brings together 28 Buddhist organisations. Comprising mainly groups of Asian migrants making a new home here, as a non-organisation and a non-charity, SBANZ is an associate member.

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Insight dialogue retreat

I am intending to organise a seven day insight dialogue meditation retreat in New Zealand on 22 February 2014 at Te Moata on the Coromandel peninsula. At the moment, I am wanting expressions of interest so I can get an idea of numbers.

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If your first language is not English

Then the proposal of a secular approach to the dharma may not be so easy to understand. What if you could read about these ideas in your own language? Well, now, most of you can.

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A rather special afternoon tea

An interesting conversation took place between Lloyd Geering and Ken McLeod over afternoon tea here yesterday. Around the table, there were two teachers with coming up to 90 years’ experience of teaching.

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Don Cupitt Stephen Batchelor dialogue

Londoners have something to look forward to. In fact we all have something to look forward to – London Insight will be making a recording of the dialogue between radical Christian theologian Don Cupitt and Stephen Batchelor on ‘The Future of Religion’ that’s taking place in London on May 20. What’s more, it’s going to […]

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