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A study retreat in your own home

Here’s a suggestion – dedicate a couple of weekends to a study retreat in the comfort of your own home, practicing meditation and going in depth into a secular approach to Buddhism.

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An outline of secular Buddhism

This talk to Napier’s secular insight group on 3 October, 2013 discusses secular Buddhism as a recent extension of what is generally known as Buddhist modernism, a movement which started around 150 years ago in Sri Lanka, Japan and Burma and spread around Buddhist Asia.

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The importance of a good title

The title of Winton Higgins’ most recent dharma talk is likely to attract few beyond the curious: ‘The dharmic foundations of the recollective awareness approach’. Experienced meditators, especially those who find meditation can be a frustrating process (most of us, I suspect), will find it well worth the read, though.

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In This Moment #5

A newsletter went out by email today, with a focus on creating secular Buddhist community.

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Introducing secular Buddhism

A series of dharma talks given by Martine and Stephen Batchelor in March 2012 at Sine Cera Retreat Centre in Australia are available for you to download from Dharma Seed at http://sc.dharmaseed.org/retreats/1593. They are: Experience  – Stephen The Buddha’s criteria for regarding a statement as valid; a pragmatic view of the dharma; the ‘all’ is […]

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