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Relationality is crucial for an intelligent and coherent secular Buddhism

A reflection on human relationality and why it is important, I’d argue essential, as a core consideration of the emergent notion of secular Buddhism. It does not enter the usual arena of this inquiry: rebirth, the validity of the discourses, and so on. Where it does answer will, I trust, speak for itself.

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Mindfulness teachers’ meeting

Last February I posted a notice about a meeting of New Zealand mindfulness teachers. Well, the meeting has taken place and I thought I would share some feedback regarding the meeting.

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Inadequately translated texts can be misleading

I’m going to be offering a few thoughts today on the practice of translating Asian texts, and how we discern that inadequately translated texts are misleading us, as dharma practitioners, in Aotearoa New Zealand today.

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A gathering for NZ mindfulness facilitators and teachers

You are invited to attend a meeting of those teaching and facilitating mindfulness throughout New Zealand. We are fortunate to have a wide range of attendees including those with experience in traditional mindfulness practices, and those teaching mindfulness with children, in mental health settings, in business and with the general public.

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Mindfulness based training for health professionals – training mindfulness practice in a secular setting

Over the weekend of the fourth to the sixth of October, Glenn Wallis (Roshi, of Dunedin, not the translator) and I, Jim Hegarty, ran a mindfulness training course for health professionals in Auckland.

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Community is something you create

A community is a network or a set of friendships and relationships that serve the individuation of each member of the community. I don’t see a conflict in realising one’s potential as an individual and belonging to and being an active participant within a community.

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This woman could start a movement

Anglican priest Sande Ramage works at Palmerston North hospital as a chaplain. Painting a picture of how Christian chaplaincy is marginal in today’s secular healthcare system in a talk at a seminar in Wellington, she confounded my expectations wonderfully as to how the chaplaincy function might be used wisely as part of the healing process.

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Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies hosts seminar on secular approach

For three days in late March, nine women and 23 men came together in Barre, Massachusetts to discuss Secular Buddhism, the growing tendency which emphasises the practical applications of Buddhist ideas and sidesteps – or drops – the religiosity of the various Asian styles of Buddhism that have been transplanted into the West over the past century.

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Four US teachers discuss a secular dharma

The invitation list to a June 2011 conference at the Garrison Institute to the north of New York City read like a veritable who’s who of contemporary American Buddhism, according to the Huffington Post.

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