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Does Buddhism get in the way of practising the dharma?

In this talk to One Mindful Breath in Wellington, Stephen Batchelor explores the difference between Buddhism and the dharma in the light of a secular approach to understanding and putting into practice what Gotama taught.

Find a transcript of their conversation here.

Secular Buddhism in a nutshell

What was the Buddha doing before ‘Buddhism’? What if we understood the ‘Four Noble Truths’ to be tasks rather than truths? And what if we were no longer burdened by the quest for ‘truth’ regarding metaphysical claims and beliefs? Is there more to secular Buddhist practice than meditation? How do we engage with Buddhist myth, and is it antithetical to the historical? In this conversation, Stephen Batchelor answers questions from the US secular Buddhist, Noah Rasheta.

Find a transcript of their conversation here.

Early buddhism for secular times

As part of the Smith College Buddhist Studies Concentration and Barre Center for Buddhist Studies collaborative lecture series, Stephen Batchelor outlined his understanding of early buddhism in secular times. The talks starts at 7:45.

Stephen Batchelor interviewed

Interviewed after having led a retreat in Germany, this conversation ranges around why it is important to go back to the original dharma sources, the need for conservative buddhists and critical thinkers to listen to what each other has to say, the use of psychedelics, Batchelor’s views on Ken Wilber’s writings, and more.

Being secular, though rooted in Christianity

First of six presentations by Stephen Batchelor to the U.S. Unitarian Universalist Buddhist Fellowship at the Garrison Institute, Philipstown, New York.

Spiritual but not religious

‘My answer won’t work for you. Your answer must be found by you.’ At TEDxManitoba, Iranian migrant Ali Ashtari talks about life under the ayatollahs in Iran and finding freedom on the meditation cushion in Canada. His interview with Ted Meissner for the Secular Buddhist podcast is well worth listening to – catch it here.

John Peacock on secular Buddhism

A short excerpt from ‘The Buddha doesn’t do “cosy”,’ a conversation John Peacock had at Barre Centre for Buddhist Studies, in this part he answers the question, ‘How can we understand these texts in our secular culture, while respecting the traditions they come from?’ You can find this complete conversation here.

Going Back to the Source

In June 2014, Henry Shukman and Stephen Batchelor sat down for a conversation at Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It starts off a little wooden, but livens up immensely half way through when they start talking about the connection between Greek philosophy and Buddhism.

One year later, they got together for a further conversation on Buddhism and Greek philosophy. You can download the audio of this conversation here.

Stephen Batchelor and Ajahn Brahmali debate ‘The relevance of early Buddhist texts for modern times’

Meant to be a debate on whether two thousand year old Buddhist texts are relevant in this day and age, Ajahn Brahmali turned this around into a debate on reincarnation. Recorded in Melbourne.

Richard Gombrich – What the Buddha taught

Founder-President of the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, Richard Gombrich was President of the Pali Text Society from 1994–2002. Recorded in Hyderabad in December 2013.

Is secular religion a contradiction in terms?

Winton Higgins and Lloyd Geering discuss whether secular religion is a contradiction in terms at St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington in February 2013.

Be your own teacher

English language 2013 documentary with Dutch subtitles on the life and work of Martine Batchelor.

Buddhism and the art of imagining

Through an examination of photography, Stephen Batchelor focuses on the role of the imagination in Buddhist practice. Rather than thinking of meditation as a technique for solving the problem of suffering and the dharma as a science of the mind, Stephen Batchelor presents meditation as the cultivation of the everyday sublime, a sensibility for which the dharma and one’s own experience serve as raw materials for one’s art. From the August 2012 Buddhist Geeks conference.

Being completely human – buddhist practice in a post-christian world

In this talk to around 80 people at St Andrew’s on The Terrace in Wellington in February 2012, Stephen Batchelor offers some critical reflections on the secular transformation of buddhism as it comes to terms with the challenges of globalisation and modernity.

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Secular dhamma, traditional dhamma

Recorded live at Redfern Town Hall, Sydney, this dialogue between Stephen Batchelor and Bhante Sujato of Santi Forest Monastery, Bundanoon examines the practice of buddhism and its relevance at the dawn of this new millennium.

Mark Williams on mindfulness

Is mindfulness the answer to all our prayers? The benefits are compelling, according to Professor Mark Williams, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford University. It’s free, you can do it any time, anywhere and it’s been scientifically proven to work.

Mindfulness is recognised by those in and out of the health profession as a useful tool for generally improving our mental wellbeing, as well as dealing with more serious issues such as depression or anxiety disorders.

In this talk, Mark Williams explores the science behind it and looks at its practical application in everyday life. He takes the congregation through the myths, realities and benefits of meditation, and looks at how such practices can help us live with greater presence, productivity and peace.

This secular sermon was given at the Conway Hall in London.

The Buddha as a businessman

An authority on ancient Indian buddhism, Gregory Schopen, chair of the UCLA Department of Asian Languages and Cultures has been separating buddhist fact from fiction for more than thirty years. In this UCLA faculty research lecture, he explores the Buddha as an astute businessman, economist and lawyer.

SBNZ 1002
Can christianity and buddhism remain relevant in the 21st century?

A discussion between Stephen Batchelor and Lloyd Geering, recorded at St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington in November 2010.

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SBNZ 1001
Living with the devil

A talk given by Stephen Batchelor at the National Library Auditorium in Wellington in December 2004.

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Stephen Batchelor interviewed by Noel Cheer

Recorded at the now destroyed studios of Canterbury Television in Christchurch in 2002, this was originally broadcast on a local community channel, Wellington Television.