• Secular Buddhism Aotearoa New Zealand on youtube

Some useful videos, mostly made here in Aotearoa New Zealand

  • In This Moment – a newsletter

An archive of occasional newsletters, hand crafted with love and much thought in Wellington

  • Secular Buddhism in New Zealand on givealittle

givealittle logo

The Secular Buddhism in ANZ page on Givealittle, one way of supporting the New Zealand secular dharma community financially

  • The Dharma Garden

Gardening with nature for more than 30 years, this was part of Christine Dann’s contribution to the bi-monthly INSIGHTAotearoa newsletter she used to co-edit

  • Secular Buddhism Australia

A work in progress, with potential as vast as a continent

  • Dharmadaptation

A blog exploring the adaptation of the dharma (teachings of the Buddha) to our time and ‘western’ secular culture, Lenorë Lambert’s intention is to honour the Buddha’s instruction to ‘know for ourselves’ and share his insights in a way that makes sense in our time, place and world view by testing what she hears and reads against experience, the dharma and modern knowledge

  • Recollective Awareness Australia

An innovative approach to meditation, recollective awareness places emphasis on recalling what happens when you meditate. This allows you to continually learn from your own experience, and helps to free you from reliance on a specific teacher or technique.

  • The Secular Buddhist Association (USA)


The home of the Secular Buddhism Podcast, a great resource

  • Just A Little Dust

Describing herself as ‘a haphazard Buddhist since 1985’, blogger Linda Blanchard has been an avid skeptical Buddhist since she first discovered Stephen Batchelor’s Buddhism Without Beliefs in 1998. Her avatar, Star, hosts a series of videos on YouTube through their channel justalittledust and keeps a hand in the Skeptical Buddhists Sangha in Second Life.

  • Edinburgh Secular Sangha

A grassroots community run by volunteers, promoting ethical living without reference to God using specific methodologies and practices aimed at personal development and transformation at the level of the individual as well as society

  • Martine & Stephen Batchelor and

Written, audio, photographic and video materials that offer a broad introduction to the work of these two secular Buddhist teachers

  • For Finnish speakers

Ryhmä on Helsingissä viikoittain tapaava meditaatioryhmä, joka kuuluu secular Buddhism -verkostoon

  • For German speakers

Etwas tun, nicht etwas glauben

  • For Italian speakers

Il blog di Letizia Baglioni

  • For Portuguese speakers

Budismo Secular Brasil

Abordagem contemporânea dos ensinamentos budistas

  • For Spanish speakers

Un enfoque pragmático contemporáneo de las enseñanzas del Buda

  • For Swedish speakers

En sekulär tolkning av Buddhistisk undervisning

  • Wikipedia on Secular Buddhism

Take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about secular Buddhism

  • Buddhist Geeks


A website, podcast and digital magazine to create a broad conversation online, run by a for-benefit or fourth sector organisation which is an integration between for-profit and non-profit business models

  • Unlearning meditation, with Jason Siff


Through the Skillful Meditation Project, Jason Siff teaches an approach to Buddhist meditation that is based on what people experience when they meditate – recollective awareness – involving recollecting and writing down following the meditation what actually happens when one meditates.

A series of short videos teaching meditation from a humanist, non-religious viewpoint. Suitable for agnostics, atheists and sceptics, this is sponsored by a humanist mindfulness group at Harvard.

For those who like their discussion hot and lively.