If a secular dharma can be said to exist at all in Aotearoa New Zealand, it is a network of individuals and small, local communities, rather than an organisation.

If you’re considering starting a group in your area take a look at this blog post – Creating Community – and phone/text Ramsey Margolis on 021 97 35 31 or send an email to add your contact details to the list below or if you have any questions.

The notion of a secular Buddhism is a temporary and transitional one, of course. Perhaps a secular dharma might be a more appropriate term.

Weta by Fraser Williamson

Weta by Fraser Williamson –

Diamond Harbour
A secular insight meditation group meets weekly, and beginners are welcome

  • Tuesdays • 6:30–7:30pm @ 7a Whero Ave, Diamond Harbour

Find out more from Christine Dann 03 329 4588 or Ron Dubin 03 329 3032 or send an email

entering the stream, Invercargill’s secular buddhist community, is about to become Southern Zen. They meet fortnightly on Wednesdays from 7pm, upstairs to the right at Southland Community House, 46 Kelvin St.

To find out which Wednesdays they meet and for more info get in touch with Leon Frampton – send an email or phone/text 020 4051 8550

A secular insight meditation group meets regularly – we don’t teach meditation but can put you onto people in our area who do

  • 2nd and 4th Sundays • 5:30pm

Find out more from Jill Simpson – send an email or phone/text 021 215 6929

New group from February 2017

  • 1st and 3rd Wednesdays • 7pm

Find out more from Ron Tustin – send an email or phone/text 027 553 0238

Get in touch with Klaus Pierstorff – send an email or phone 07 869 0590

Previously known as Simply Meditation, One Mindful Breath is Wellington’s secular Buddhist community. Between 10 and 20 friends gather weekly to sit in meditation, followed by wide-ranging discussion around a secular approach to dharma practice

  • Wednesday evenings • 7:15 to 9:15pm @ The Friends’ Centre, Moncrieff St, Mt Victoria

A Meetup group – Simply Meditation Secular Mindfulness Saturdays has attracted more than 650 members

Find out more from Pete Cowley – send him an email, phone/text 022 610 2910 or go to and sign up for a brief monthly newsletter at Click here for the most recent newsletter.

Get in touch with Eileen McAtee – send an email or phone/text 021 686 303


Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand is an associate member of New Zealand Buddhist Council.

And not too far away….

With Australia just a few hours flying distance, you are invited to explore their secular Buddhist communities

Secular Buddhism Australia

Recollective Awareness Meditation Australia

Ashtree Sangha

Beaches Sangha

Bluegum Sangha

Golden Wattle Sangha

Kookaburra Sangha


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