Winton Higgins

In conversation with Noel Cheer at St Andrew’s on The Terrace on 24 October 2015, the focus was ‘Saying “Yes” to life – being human together’.

Saying YES! to Life – Being Human Together (56:39)

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Winton's 2013 weekend workshop in Wellington

Winton’s 2013 weekend workshop in Wellington

Here are the four talks Winton gave in Wellington at a workshop on secular Buddhism in February 2013

  1. In the beginning was the human condition, the Buddha’s new way to work with it (45:32)Download the file
  2. Updating the practice on the basis of the first principles (42:01)Download the file
  3. Tradition and culture (40:03)Download the file
  4. Ask not whether it’s true but whether it works (35:05)Download the file

A printed text of all four talks is available as a PDF here.

Here are brief meditation instructions and three talks Winton gave at a Secular Buddhist workshop run by Australian Insight Meditation Network (Buddhist Society of Victoria) in November 2013

  1. Meditation instructions (06:13)Download the file
  2. In the beginning was the human condition (01:02:21)Download the file
  3. Tradition and culture (42:32)Download the file
  4. The four tasks and the eightfold path (34:35)Download the file

Stephen Batchelor

Stephen Batchelor at St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington 2012

Stephen Batchelor at St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington 2012

In a 2015 talk at Upaya Zen Centre in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Stephen Batchelor renders his Buddhist biography as a series of radicalisations. In his first radicalisation as a Gelugpa monk, he tried to transport himself wholesale into the internally-consistent system of Tibetan Buddhism. Next, in a distinct shift of emphasis, he practiced for four years in a Korean sŏn (zen) hall just asking himself the question ‘what is this?’, absorbing the lesson that at the vibrant root of all experience we fundamentally don’t know what’s going on.

Most recently the radical ‘secularism’ of Siddhattha Gotama as set out in early Buddhist texts has deeply shaped his thinking. By ‘secular,’ Stephen is referring to the use of the word in its original sense: of this age, or of this world. ‘For indeed’, he asks, ‘when the needs of this life and this planet impinge so vividly, so indubitably upon us, might sinking our energies into speculations about other realms and future lives border on the immoral?’

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A couple of years ago, Stephen led a retreat, also at Upaya Zen Centre in New Mexico, with Roshi Joan Halifax with the intriguing title After Buddhism. Download those talks here.

Broadcast on BBC Radio 3 in April 2013, Joan Bakewell interviews Stephen Batchelor to find out about his life as a Buddhist.

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Jason Siff and Stephen Batchelor in dialogue

Recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jason Siff and Stephen Batchelor engage in dialogue with workshop participants.

  1. The Experiential and The Conditional – a dialogue (20:55)Download the file
  2. Questions, Answers and Dialogue (45:00)Download the file

The Dharma Seed audio archive

  1. Martine Batchelor
  2. Stephen Batchelor
  3. Winton Higgins

If you want a good introduction to a secular approach to Buddhism and you’re happy to listen to talks on your computer or phone, your time would be well spent downloading a series of talks from a retreat.

A Secular Buddhist Meditation Retreat — a seven day retreat at Gaia House, Devon, UK in July 2015 in which Stephen and Martine Batchelor examine reactivity and entering the stream, these recordings include both instructions and talks

A Sŏn Retreat — Martine and Stephen Batchelor explore four truths, four tasks and the four vows of Korean Sŏn Buddhism in a modern context, look at doubt in meditation practice, an offer instructions during a seven day retreat at Gaia House, Devon, UK, in April 2015

Towards a Secular Buddhism — a seven day retreat at Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, California in October & November 2011 with Tempel Smith, Stephen Batchelor and Martine Batchelor

An Introduction to Secular Buddhism – a series of talks given over thirteen days in March 2012 at Sine Cera Retreat Centre in Australia by Martine and Stephen Batchelor

The Secular Buddhist podcast

A series of interviews by Ted Meissner for the U.S. Secular Buddhist Association, an index of The Secular Buddhist podcast can be found here.

For the Antipodean connection, listen to an interview with Secular Buddhism Australia’s Lenorë Lambert here and two discussions with Ramsey Margolis from Secular Buddhism Aotearoa New Zealand can be found here (June 2012), and here (March 2014).

Ted Meissner was, in his turn, interviewed by Vincent Horn for the Buddhist Geeks podcast, and this can be found here.

Audio Dharma, an archive of talks given at the IMC in Redwood City, California

  1. Stephen Batchelor
  2. Martine Batchelor
  3. John Peacock — Buddhism before the Theravada

Incidentally, there’s an excellent new Audiodharma app available in the iTunes Store and Google Play store.

Pluralism Sunday

On 5 May 2013 – Pluralism Sunday in progressive Christian churches worldwide – Ramsey Margolis was asked to offer some reflections to the congregation at St Andrew’s on The Terrace in Wellington by Minister Margaret Mayman on his ‘faith journey as a secular Buddhist’.

The text is available here.

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