NZ Buddhist Council

Secular Buddhism Aotearoa New Zealand has been accepted into membership of the New Zealand Buddhist Council, an incorporated society which brings together 28 Buddhist organisations. Comprising mainly groups of Asian migrants making a new home here, as a non-organisation and a non-charity, SBANZ is an associate member.

In essence, it’s a lobbying group. Aiming to create respectful relationships among Buddhist communities and between Buddhist and other communities, the Council:

  • engages with Government and other statutory bodies when their policies and practices affect Buddhist communities
  • represents Buddhist perspectives in public fora, and
  • works with the faith-based religious communities to nurture mutual understanding, and promote peace

Working together on common concerns and problems, the Council shares information and builds networks to strengthen what they term ‘the greater Buddhist community in New Zealand’. All laudable aims, and aims that secular Buddhists would doubtless be happy to support. If anyone north of the Bombay Hills is able to attend an occasional meeting to make a contribution on behalf of the country’s secular Buddhists you’d be most welcome to do so.

Their website is at


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