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This website is intended to work on two levels.

  1. You may be an interested passer-by who wishes to browse the site, take what information you would like and, perhaps comment using the contact form. Please look through the site and if you feel like making a constructive comment or three, you’re most welcome to do so. Visit again from time to time and perhaps your interest will grow.
  2.  You would like to be a part of creating a secular dharma community in Aotearoa New Zealand, and around the world. We very much encourage you to join us by completing the contact form.

What membership entails

With your membership comes the right to comment on and post to the blog, and the responsibility to do so wisely.

It is our intention that the blog will be a way for members to engage in dialogue on, for example, issues arising from the emergence of a secular dharma and the possible implications. Thoughtful discussion in which people creatively engage with each other in a constructive manner will be appreciated.

Please exercise appropriate speech in the discussions, which means no name calling or obnoxiousness. Be aware of your thoughts, have compassion for those you are responding to and respond wisely. Offensive posts and people are subject to removal at the discretion of the moderators.

Some members may decide not to participate in the blog discussion, so there will be regular updates on what is happening posted on the site in occasional newsletters, so please also sign up for In This Moment.

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