Invitation – 108 days of practice

The Zen group I sit with has a retreat (Sesshin) every spring. Last Wednesday, among our discussions after zazen we briefly talked about the idea of making a commitment to sit everyday for 108 days. As of tomorrow, Tuesday 12 August, it is 108 days until our annual sesshin begins (28 November – ending on 5 December). A couple of us have decided to make a firm commitment to sit each day until sesshin. I thought that a similar commitment might be something others in the secular Buddhist community would be interested in.

One hundred and eight (or nine dozen) is regarded as an auspicious number in several eastern traditions. For us it offers a convenient time frame for a committed period of practice while also acknowledging the tradition in which we train. Making a strong commitment to a regular practice is a good way to develop a regularity and stability in our sitting. It is also a good preparation for a Sesshin or retreat if you plan to attend. Making a commitment along with others is also a way to further connect with our wider Sangha, and to more fully realise the fact that we all sit together.

Making a commitment does not necessarily mean sitting for a specified period each day. It is up to you how you arrange things. It is up to you if you make any commitment public or not. In my experience there is something not only about the regularity, but also the intention, and the commitment that makes the process valuable. You are invited to join us.

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