If your first language is not English

Then the proposal of a secular approach to the dharma may not be so easy to understand. What if you could read about these ideas in your own language? Well, now, most of you can.

German speakers now have their own secular Buddhist community and website. It’s at:


I’m told you can also get there with .at, .ch and .de .at the end of the url.

And if Spanish is your first language take a look at:


This website is brand new and has been put up by Bernat from Barcelona. Bernat tells me that, slowly but surely, we can expect the content of the website to grow.

Google Translate is getting better all the time, though it still produces the occasional howler. You can now translate this website, page at a time, and there’s a choice of around 70 languages.

To do this, use the widget in the left column. And do please comment on how useful the translated text is.


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