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Why we come together

Hopefully, ‘secular Buddhism’ will prosper in the world, I believe it can. However, in Auckland as presumably elsewhere, we seem to have no formal structure, practices, or leaders, nor perhaps any consensus views, aims, or philosophy. How therefore might we create a sense of coherence, even direction?

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Give thanks for meat

Buddhists have a reputation for being vegetarians. Personally, I’ve been one since 8 July 1961 and the only time I remember consciously choosing to eat meat since then was in 1984, six months after the death of my mother – that story can be for another time, perhaps. The New York Times recently invited omnivores

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Buddha’s birthday

Tonight we’re going to see the biggest and brightest full moon of the year as it gets to around 357,000km from earth, which is about 14% closer than when it is farthest away. That’s quite an ellipsis. That today would be Siddhattha’s birthday and the anniversary of the day he awoke (was ‘enlightened’), and that of the day he died after a tainted meal

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