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The last days of Philip Gould

How do we comes to terms with the fact that one day we’re going to die? Tibetan monks are taught to include a contemplation on the fact that while death is certain the time of our death is uncertain. Here’s a wonderfully inspiring video on the last days of British Labour peer and strategist Philip Gould.

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What I do know is we’ve got this life

It’s hard to find a quiet cafe in McLeod Ganj, but we did. Likewise, it is difficult to find someone like Karma Yeshe Rabgye. It might not seem strange nowadays to hear a Western Buddhist say you don’t need to believe in rebirth to practice the dharma, that nirvana or enlightenment is not his goal, and that he practices for this life. It is, however, uncommon to hear such words from someone in the red robes of a Kagyu Tibetan monk.

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