Can we call the Buddha Sid?

What are the possible advantages of calling the Budda Sid, as a shortening of Siddhattha?

Take a look at this blog page and leave your answer.

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  1. Tony Reardon
    Posted May 21, 2012 at 1:59 pm | Permalink

    I love it that this is raised because my relationship to The Buddha is often on my mind; how to have an honest, current, relation to those words? That historical person? It seems that I’m not going to call him Sid and will call him The Buddha [with capitals it seems!] for the moment. My shift for now is an internal one with “The Buddha” representing nothing supernatural but more than just the guy. For me it seems, the words – and Buddha images – are somehow symbols for the heart of the matter – the on-going attempt to live ethically via moment to moment awareness.

    Still, I am changed by the raising of the possibility of calling him Sid. I don’t just have that as wrong and I think there is somewhere more in the ‘Sid’ direction I will still need to go, in just the same way that, although I have a fondness for Buddha Rupa, I feel the need for more current symbols.

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