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From Alexandra, Jonathan Casbolt has contributed the first of what may well be a growing number of book reviews that will be listed on the Resources page. If there’s a book which you believe relevant to people looking to develop a secular approach to Buddhism that you would like to review let me know by email or through the Contact form.

Here’s some books that, in my view, would help people develop a secular understanding of Buddhism of their own.

  • The Awakening of the West, Stephen Batchelor
  • Buddhism Without Beliefs, Stephen Batchelor
  • Confession of a Buddhist Atheist, Stephen Batchelor
  • Dependent Arising in Context, Linda Blanchard
  • Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There, Wallace Chapman
  • Ending the Pursuit of HappinessBarry Magid
  • Let Go, Martine Batchelor
  • Living With the Devil, Stephen Batchelor
  • The Making of Buddhist Modernism, David L McMahan
  • Meditation for Life, Martine Batchelor
  • Mindfulness and the Art of Urban Living, Adam Ford
  • Unlearning Meditation – what to do when the instructions get in the way, Jason Siff

You may come up with other suggestions, of course. Which of these would you feel happy reviewing?

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