Book review: Life’s Meandering Path

In this book review, Jonathan Wood writes:

‘At its extreme, Buddhist practice can be reduced to mindfulness, and mindfulness reduced to a technique that can be applied to everything from pain management (very positive) to wealth creation and sniper training (somewhat less skilful applications).

‘When an article in the Otago Daily Times last year described mindfulness as ‘the new black’, the writer’s tongue may have been in her cheek, but the fashion reference is a reminder of how the West can strip rich traditions of so much meaning that they risk becoming yet another fad.

‘Given this risk of dumbing down the dharma, I welcome the publication of Karma Yeshe Rabgye’s newest book, Life’s Meandering Path – A Secular Approach to Gautama Buddha’s Guide to Living. A practical guide to living a life based on the dharma, it describes clearly the breadth and depth of the ethics, thinking and behaviour involved in the Buddha’s meandering path to freedom from suffering.’

– Read the rest of this review here.

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