Buddhism in a nutshell

I’m supposed to take a risk and say in 25 words or less what Buddhism is. That of course is a very arrogant presumption on one level. But what I have concluded tentatively in recent years is to identify four points that the Buddha taught that cannot be derived from the socio-historical context of his time, in other words that are distinctively and non-controversially his own ideas.

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Jason Siff & Recollective Awareness Meditation

Jason Siff, author of Unlearning Meditation: What to Do When the Instructions Get in the Way, and the soon to be released Thoughts Are Not The Enemy: An Innovative Approach to Meditation Practice, will be returning to antipodean shores this October, for a series of workshops and retreats.

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Hawke’s Bay – developing insight

Napier’s secular insight meditation group meets from 5.30pm on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at the Hawke’s Bay Tibetan Buddhist Centre ‘Phuntsok Choeling’ on Herschell Street.

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Wellington – simply meditation

A group of around a dozen friends, we come together on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9pm upstairs at Newtown Community Centre, on the corner of Rintoul St and Colombo St in Newtown, Wellington.

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Some more very good Sam Harris


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Counting down to the film festival

In a little over a month from now, the film festival “Stillness, & The Moving Image” will be taking place at Nga Taonga Sound & Vision in Taranaki St, Wellington. A website for the festival can be found at www.stillnesscommafilmfestival.co.nz.

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Killing The Buddha

Killing The Buddha is a recent Sam Harris blog post. I generally agree with what Sam is saying in this post [Buddhism would benefit from taking out the irrational elements] but can’t help thinking that criticizing religions is too narrow and somewhat misses the point of the difficulty he is referring to – superstition, blind belief etc.

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Sam Harris: Waking Up

Sam Harris best known for being part of a group of four who beat a very loud drum against religion. What is less known is that Harris a very experienced meditator and he’s about to publish a new book, Waking Up: A guide to Spirituality Without Religion.

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In the next three minutes

You can … make a 30 second to two minute long video on the topic of ‘stillness’ and submit it as an entry to the short film competition, or…

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A study retreat in your own home

Here’s a suggestion – dedicate a couple of weekends to a study retreat in the comfort of your own home, practicing meditation and going in depth into a secular approach to Buddhism.

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