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Sue Hamilton

I’d like to recommend the work of Sue Hamilton, a British Buddhist scholar. Be warned though, this is dense academic stuff requiring some work and patience to understand.

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Some more very good Sam Harris

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Killing The Buddha

Killing The Buddha is a recent Sam Harris blog post. I generally agree with what Sam is saying in this post [Buddhism would benefit from taking out the irrational elements] but can’t help thinking that criticizing religions is too narrow and somewhat misses the point of the difficulty he is referring to – superstition, blind belief etc.

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Sam Harris: Waking Up

Sam Harris best known for being part of a group of four who beat a very loud drum against religion. What is less known is that Harris a very experienced meditator and he’s about to publish a new book, Waking Up: A guide to Spirituality Without Religion.

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Busy life meditation

From Joseph Goldstein:

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Meditating with eyes open

This is also in the Sam Harris blog I posted earlier. I’m putting it in separately because I think it’s such an important notion to consider.

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“People who haven’t tried to meditate have very little sense that their minds are noisy at all. And when you tell them that they’re thinking every second of the day, it generally doesn’t mean anything to them.

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Working it out for myself

When I was younger, I didn’t like the Buddhists I met – and I’d still never call myself one – they seemed to be attempting to be good. That Buddhism would attract such fearful [of being bad] people is hardly surprising given that each factor of the eightfold path – in English – starts with […]

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Fortnightly meditation in Glenfield

A group of around 8 people is meeting at 80 Chartwell Ave, Glenfield [on Auckland’s North Shore] every two weeks. We have a 40 minute sitting meditation and then some discussion.

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Meditation meeting Saturday 9th March 2013

This Saturday, 9th March, from 11am to 12pm, there will be a 40 min meditation [and some discussion afterwards] at 80 Chartwell Ave Glenfield, Auckland.

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