After Buddhism, a workbook

The Tuwhiri Project is a new social enterprise that has been set up to create educational resources for secular Buddhists. Tuwhiri consists of Pete Cowley and myself (Ramsey Margolis) in Wellington with Winton Higgins and Margaret Tung in Sydney. We are seeking your support to produce, print, distribute and promote our first book, After Buddhism: a workbook.

Tuwhiri is being launched with an easy-to-read book that will help people work their way through and get a good understanding of Stephen Batchelor’s After Buddhism: rethinking the dharma for a secular age, on their own or with others.

Our book brings together a series of dharma talks given in Sydney, Australia by the secular insight meditation teacher Winton Higgins to Bluegum Sangha and Golden Wattle Sangha. Questions for study at the end of each chapter have been prepared by Jim Champion in Southampton, UK.



Tuwhiri – finding meaning in a difficult world

Our crowdfunding appeal on Kickstarter – to our utter amazement – reached 128% of our initial goal in just 15 hours. So we’ve now set what Kickstarter calls ‘Stretch Goals’. Take a look at the Kickstarter here:

Crowdfunding enables us to receive orders for books before they’re printed, so we will know how many to print. And by setting up The Tuwhiri Project in this manner, allowing those of you who wish to support not just this one book but the project as a whole, we are helping to nurture a culture of generosity.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to help support the development of secular dharma practice communities. This Kickstarter ends on Wednesday 11 July 2018, at 10:30pm New Zealand time. In advance, thank you.

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  1. Posted October 8, 2018 at 4:58 pm | Permalink

    The Kickstarter process was a tremendous success. The result was well above and beyond any expectations we might have had.

    For information on the workbook and to get a copy – or several if you want to run a course for your sangha or community – take a look at

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