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Sharing what we have, a heartfelt generosity, is one of the central pillars of the life of a dharma practitioner. In the act of giving, we develop our ability to let go, cultivate a spirit of caring and acknowledge the interdependence we all share.

Known as dana in Pali, this practice has kept this tradition alive for more than 2,400 years in Asia, where committed supporters have given generously to establish networks of monasteries and retreat centres, providing for millions of teachers and practitioners. And as dharma practice grows in Aotearoa New Zealand, we hope to keep this joyful tradition alive.


To donate now

Wherever you are in the world, you can make a donation by debit card or credit card. To do so, click on the pink DONATE button in the box below. Your donation will be in New Zealand dollars, and will go through Givealittle’s secure servers.

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If you are in Aotearoa New Zealand and would like to make a donation by internet banking or over the counter, the account number is 02 – 1246 – 0675192 – 02 at The Cooperative Bank.

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Supporting this community

Here in this country, it would be wonderful if we could make heartfelt generosity the basis of all we do, offering activities with no fixed fee, asking those who take part to offer generously so that others in the future may enjoy a similar experience.

We are offering those of you who know the benefits that this practice brings to your life, and who would like to help develop a secular dharma, an opportunity to support the growth of secular dharma communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Together, our efforts have the potential to benefit many over the years to come. What you give now will ensure that future retreats, workshops and materials for study can be offered for whatever people can offer. This is often known as paying forward, and clearly shows how your generosity makes a real difference.


Supporting teachers

Since the teachings are considered priceless, dharma teachers do not charge for the teachings they give. Instead, they gratefully accept donations in return for the teaching and instruction, and this enables them to continue their work.

The community that secular dharma teachers rely on is worldwide and a small one; you are encouraged to support these teachers in whatever way you’re able.
Promoting the practice of recollective awareness meditation, Jason Siff’s Skillful Meditation Project has the policy of not soliciting for financial support, sending out fundraising letters or engaging in marketing campaigns; the teachers offer their time free of charge.

If you feel gratitude for his recollective awareness approach to meditation and the effect that meditation has had on your life, you can support this project through making a donation via Paypal on this web page.

Martine and Stephen Batchelor gratefully accept dana – donations – which enables them to continue their work.

If you would like to support them, you can do so on this web page through Paypal.



This website is the result of the energies and skills of people in Aotearoa New Zealand and elsewhere. Our thanks go to those of you who have given and who continue to give your time, effort and energy in so many ways.

We thank Stephen Batchelor in France and Winton Higgins in Australia for allowing us to make liberal use their writings, kalyana mitta – spiritual friends – in the capital city and scattered around Aotearoa New Zealand for their support, along with Bernat Font in Catalunya, and Dana Nourie and Ted Meissner of the US Secular Buddhist Association for their encouragement.

Thanks also to Angus Deacon of Alphasprite for the use of his superb map on our home page, and artists Fraser Williamson of Red Shark Illustration and Łukasz Ratz of for the use of their wonderful images.

And to those who have donated so that together we can enable information and activities on secular dharma to be offered at no cost, develop a community of practitioners in this country, and keep this website up, we thank you.

This website has been generously and painstakingly hand coded in WordPress by a Hawke’s Bay developer who likes to remain under the radar – webmaestro, we thank you. Words and spaces corralled by Ramsey Margolis.

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