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This website is the outcome of the thought, energies and skills of a number of people in Aotearoa New Zealand and elsewhere since the end of 2010. Thanks go to those of you who have given and who continue to give your time, effort, energy in so many ways, and heartfelt thanks go to the members of this website who scattered around the world have contributed posts, comments, and more, bringing the germ of an idea to life.

And to those who donated – once or repeatedly – so that information on and activities around a secular dharma can continue to be offered at no cost, communities of practitioners developed, and this website kept up and running – thank you, one and all. Please go to the Generosity page if you would also like to make a donation.

This website has been painstakingly hand-coded in a custom WordPress theme by a generous Hawke’s Bay developer who prefers to remain under the radar – webmaestro, we thank you.


Contributors include

◼ Arthur Wells
Taught in universities for many years, first in English and then in religious studies. After that, he became a social worker and counsellor, focussing on suicide prevention, family violence and work with refugees. An active Quaker in Christchurch, he was appointed to teach zen in the Diamond Sangha lineage in 2008 and made a roshi (senior teacher) in 2013.
– zendo.org.nz

◼ Bernat Font
Leads a sitting group in Barcelona. He graduated from the Gaia House Community Dharma Leadership Programme, mentored by Stephen Batchelor, and continues his training with Bodhi College. He holds an MA in Buddhist Studies and blogs at budismosecular.org.
– budismosecular.org

◼ Gary Dean
Is a dharma practitioner who lives in Indonesia and has a keen interest in human evolutionary biology. He is currently undertaking the two-year Secular Dharma course through Bodhi College.

◼ Jan Rivers
Secular Buddhism can sound complicated, but to her it’s the fullest and simplest way to make sense of the world. As a participant in Wellington’s One Mindful Breath, she’s found a secular group that feeds her spirit (whatever that is) and through it knows that she’s with others on a similar but unique and personal journey.

◼ Jennifer Hawkins
Director, Secular Buddhist Association (North America). Founder, “Black Buddhists”. Co-Admin, Houston Secular Buddhists. Freelancer currently in Texas. Narrator, “Listen to the Suttas!”. Non/Fiction Writer, articles, meditations, courses, tabletop RPGs. Organizer and Professional GM. Transcriptionist. Translator (Español). Activist. Former Educator and Botanist.

◼ Jim Champion
First encountered secular Buddhism in April 2016, and has been practising since then. A member of The Middle Way Society, and the international online community Re~Collective, he lives in Southampton in the UK and has been involved in the production of books for The Tuwhiri Project.

◼ Martine Batchelor
Is a Buddhist teacher and a writer. She lives in southwest France with her husband, Stephen Batchelor, and she teaches seminars and leads meditation retreats worldwide. She is interested in meditation in daily life, Buddhism and social action, religion and women’s issues, and is involved with the Silver Sante Study which explores whether meditation can help ageing.
– martinebatchelor.org

◼ Michael Slott
Has been a political and labor activist for over 40 years. In 2010, he became interested in Buddhism and began a regular meditation practice. As an agnostic and an activist, he is particularly interested in exploring how to connect secular Buddhism with a radical political theory and practice.

◼ Ramsey Margolis
The energy behind this website, since 2000 he’s been creating secular dharma community and events, writing and producing newsletters, and curating websites. He very much enjoys one-on-one mentoring, in person and online, and in 2018 helped start The Tuwhiri Project where he serves as the publisher.

◼ Stephen Batchelor
Is a writer and teacher known for his secular approach to Buddhism. For the past 30 years he has been engaged in a critical exploration of Buddhism’s role in the modern world, which has earned him both condemnation as a heretic and praise as a reformer.

◼ Sylvie Vanasse
Has been a member of Beaches Sangha in Sydney, Australia since 2011; she is a counsellor specialising in Buddhist psychotherapy and teaches reflective meditation.

◼ Winton Higgins
A member of The Tuwhiri Project editorial board, he has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1987 and a teacher of insight meditation since 1995. He has contributed to the development of a secular Buddhism internationally, and is a senior teacher for Sydney Insight Meditators and Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand.
– wintonhiggins.org


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