A study retreat in your own home

Here’s a suggestion – dedicate a couple of weekends to a study retreat in the comfort of your own home, practicing meditation and going in depth into a secular approach to Buddhism.

Decide on your schedule for the four days and download 14 newly uploaded talks by Martine and Stephen Batchelor that were given over a week in July 2014 at Gaia House in Devon at


Martine’s talks are titled:

  • Seven factors of awakening – exploring attention and investigation and its connection to listening meditation
  • Energy – exploring effort and presenting the connection between concentration and loving kindness
  • Tranquility – exploring calm, its practice and its function, notably through mindfulness of the body
  • Joy – exploring feeling tones and creative engagement
  • Zen questioning – exploring sudden awakening and gradual practice
  • Equanimity – exploring balance and stability
  • Appreciation – exploring altruistic joy and wise speech in daily life

and Stephen’s talks have the titles:

  • Religion, faith and belief
  • Tread the path with care
  • A twofold ground
  • A fourfold task (parts 1 and 2)
  • Entering the stream
  • The practice of philosophy

Any comments you care to share on your experience of being on retreat at home will be most welcome.

Martine and Stephen follow the 2,500 year old Buddhist tradition of not charging for the teachings they give, relying primarily on the generosity of those who appreciate their efforts for their livelihood. If you believe you have benefited from their talks, you are encouraged to support them as they continue do teach. To do so, go to:


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