A new secular Buddhist website

Mike Slott in New Jersey and I will be taking much of the content that’s been gathering on this website for the past seven years and using it to create a new website with a new, global url.

Right now, we’re keen to find a web designer with an interest in secular dharma to help us migrate the content from the present WordPress site to Squarespace. If you have this skill – or know someone who does – please get in touch.

As well as being responsive to the different kinds of device you may want to use to access its contents, and way more visually interesting, the new site will be a reliable, regularly updated source of information and analysis around issues that have a relevance to secular dharma practitioners. Future issues of the secular Buddhist newsletters that have been going out since March 2012 will focus on and come out of this new website.

We also want to foster better connections and more dialogue among those who are interested in developing a secular Buddhist perspective and practice, whether as participants in an online course, in the form of an online meditation group, in a discussion forum, or as part of a local sangha.

Our intention is to use the website to publicise and promote the activities and projects of a range of existing and nascent groups, as well as individuals involved in the development of a secular dharma around the world. Our goal – that the website will help strong and vibrant communities of secular dharma practitioners develop – is reflected in the urls the new website will have when it does go live:


As part of the process of developing this new site, we’d very much appreciate your thoughts on how it might be useful for you as a secular dharma practitioner, and for your sangha, or community.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new website, and perhaps becoming an active participant in its creation, do please get in touch with us.

Send us an email or connect with:

◼ Mike   +1 (973) 979-0703 phone / text / FaceTime
◼ Ramsey   +64 21 97 35 31 phone / text / FaceTime

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